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About McLeod Automotive Company

Asheville, North Carolina 

If McLeod Automotive Company is not new to you… we want to thank you for your continued support. You have participated in the double digit growth that McLeod Products has experienced over the last several years. If you are finding us for the first time, welcome.

We are pleased to introduce ourselves as we are engaged in the manufacturing of products such as Flywheels (gray & nodular iron castings), Flexplates(Steel stampings), Starter Ring Gears(Range of 5.9″/150MM – 49″/1250MM) and  Harmonic Balancers. We make these and more for all types of vehicles, passenger, Jeep, heavy duty truck, agriculture, etc.  We are specialized in and are able to develop, models unique to your needs.

Our manufacturing facilities are equipped with state of the art machines to insure international quality.  By controlling all components required for the manufacturing process we are not constrained by specific material or design limitation.

We have established a reputation in the domestic and international business community as a company which can be trusted and relied upon to provide the very best quality while maintaining a competitive price. High quality material, modern production facilities and a team of qualified engineers, designers and technicians are responsible for the reliability and consistent quality of our products.

You can rely on us to supply the best products for your market. We can develop new requirements against your sample or drawings. Please let us know your interest so that we can furnish you more information. We make development a simple and economical process.

Serving the automotive aftermarket for more than 25 years.

Made with American Ingenuity – What can we make for you?